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Nyolus Technologies, Inc.

201 NE Park Plaze Drive, Suite 200

Vancouver, WA-98684

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Nyolus Towers

220, 3rd Main, Indiranagar

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Corporate Culture

At Nyolus, our mission is to provide the ultimate customer experience to ensure that our customers will choose us as their preferred service provider. The only way to achieve this goal is to do things in a better way that add value to the service we provide. All the work we do is driven by the following factors:

Support our Customers

Develop innovative product and solutions

Listen to the voice of customers

Provide the solutions with high degree of quality and reliability.

These will help us to foster a stronger relationship with our customers and work together for a common goal. These are the values that we inculcate in our corporate culture and foster a better relationship at corporate level as well. This environment will promote teamwork, creativity, innovation an respect for customers and individuals with whom we interact. With this, we are confident that we will outperform any competition, develop innovative products and make the company stronger day-by-day.


Our Open Door Policy

While we believe in our supervisors, we also believe in open door policy, where the employees of any level should have access to the highest level in the corporate chain. Our experience of working with many companies have taught us a greatest lesson that many ideas that often comes from the lowest level of the corporate chain often turns out to be the best ones. However, unfortunately, such ideas are often turned down as it move higher and higher. In order to ensure that our employees are heard on everything, from corporate governance to new product idea, the employees have been given access to executive leadership team. This will ensure that the employees are duly heard and that the corporate is not busy only looking at profit statements.


The Mantra of Innovation

Nyolus believes that the only way to remain competitive is to develop tomorrow’s technology at today’s cost. In order to do so, Nyolus recruits multi-talented, multicultural professionals and guide them in a way that their regular activities will lean towards innovation. One mantra that everyone in Nyolus follow is to put three questions to anything they do; Why, How and What? These questions will lead them to understand on what they do and how to do things in a better way. Further, our employees know that there is always room for improvement, no matter how best we do. This is how Nyolus is working on some of the break-through technologies that can be used in major cloud and data centers worldwide. If you believe in your true potential and think that you can be one among us, then Nyolus is the right place for you. We know that you can make a difference, because "one who is different is one who makes the difference".


Dual Designation Policy

Dual designation Policy

Nyolus believes in recruiting candidates who are not only good at business but also at technical and vice versa. Hence, you will not be surprised to note that our business professionals can dive deep into any technical issues that pop up during discussions or execution of projects. Also, we have inventors who have business degree as well.


How To Apply

Nyolus believes that true genius will have little or no time to respond to advertisements when they pop up for a month or so. Hence, it is the responsibility of our company to keep the doors open to the deserving candidates, all times. However, please note that our company follows dual designation policy and hence everyone who work at Nyolus will have dual designations, one being technical and the other being business. If you are one of those potential candidates who can fall in this dual designation category, please do not hesitate to send your resume to