Nyolus Cloud™ Computing

Cloud computing is Internet based computing whereby the customers use shared resources and software applications provided by third party service providers, who deploy and maintain the cloud infrastructure needed for providing such shared resources. Common centers built around the world will have dedicated or internetworked infrastructure for delivering the required services that can be accessed by customers for all their computing needs. Users of cloud service pay the service providers based on public-utility model or pay-as-you-use basis. Service level Agreements (SLA) between customers and service providers ensures the quality of service.

Nyolus cloud technology enables corporations, organizations, and individuals to reap the benefits of a faster, better and highly reliable computing environment while dramatically reducing capital and operating expenses otherwise spent by individual users on traditional computing environments. Apart from this, Nyolus cloud has following advantages:

Advantages of Nyolus Cloud™

On-premise or hosted cloud, depending on your choice

Central cloud management by Nyolus

All upgrades to application and infrastructure are done by Nyolus

Accessibility of application and resources from any part of the world

Immediate access to broad range of applications provided by worldwide vendors

Effective utilization of shared computing resources as they have short span life-span

Availability of latest technologies and applications to all cloud users which is otherwise not possible

Deployment and management of cloud resources by dedicated Nyolus professionals

Improved Reliability of computing platforms and hence high availability

Scalability and Elasticity supports required resources for dynamic user demands

Customer can switch between competing cloud providers for better services.