Healthcare Industry

The IT services and solutions from Nyolus will help you to move towards more innovative and efficient, business models. Our technical and strategic development capabilities will help you to deliver better services to your customers. Our expertise in understanding your business needs will help you to address challenges in emerging technologies and transform them to reap benefits for the customers. Our portfolio of services, baked by our commitment to provide customized solutions will help you transform the business to achieve your vision. Our commitment to supporting business strategies that can add value to customers and industry will help you to achieve the cost and improve the efficiency in serving the end customers.


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Development Model

Our services in this area sometimes involve offshore development depending on the execution model and cost benefits. However, irrespective of which model we follow, our onshore technologists, consultants and business professionals are always available to directly work with you to ensure the execution of projects with quality and reliability.

Mainframes, Platforms and Solutions

IBM, Microsoft, Sun/Solaris, Citrix, Java, AIX, Linux, HP-UX, Unix, SAP, Oracle, Business Objects, Cognos, MicroStrategy, Siebel, DB2, Informatica, SQL, Teradata, WebSphere, e-Business.