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Committed to innovation, Nyolus mainly focuses on providing one-stop services and support solutions in various areas of industry verticals that spans from business consulting to IT solutions to technology research. Our services, based on Nyolus Global Delivery Model, ensure that the project we undertake is executed on time and with accuracy. Further, Nyolus works on complete lifecycle of the project from conception to completion. Hence, the burden of interacting with multiple vendors to get your projects executed on time is eliminated.

Nyolus Cloud™ and Nyolus IT solutions that fit your industry verticals and business needs can offer advantages in the marketplace with immediate savings that you can see in your cost structure. Nyolus can become a change agent and act as a catalyst for all your business strategies and needs. Nyolus development and support center can provide the uncompromised support on projects we undertake while you also have our dedicated onsite team as well to ensure that we are at your service all times. This will help your business for enhanced innovation, better management and improved IP at lower costs. Nyolus supports thefollowing industries with solutions and services listed below.



Our experience in providing automotive solutions can transform your business in to more profitable one while we provide the innovative business and technical support at a global level.

Banking, Finance & Insurance

Our expertise helps you manage risk, enhance services and product features and transform your business to meet challenges.

Consumer Packaged Goods

We help you to concentrate on your core business to drive the market growth across CPG domain with our IT solutions.


Our knowledge working with global telecom equipments and services vendors and providing IT services and solutions can enable you to meet your needs and operate more effectively and efficiently with improved customer satisfaction.

Energy & Utilities

Our knowledge in implementing IT solutions and strategy that enables efficient power generation, distribution and management will help improve your profit margin while reducing the GHG/CO2 emissions making your company a “Green-pro”.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Our experience in providing Infrastructure services, IT solutions and Business Strategy Services will ensure that you will have modern IT infrastructure coupled with an efficient business strategy that can improve your revenue while providing best customer satisfaction to your customers.


Our expertise in Hi-Tech research and development services coupled with strong IT solutions will improve the quality of the products you build and the service you provide in this competitive world.


We make your business more resilient with our industry-specific manufacturing solutions for product manufacturing and supply chain management solutions.

Media & Entertainment

Our expertise in IP and Rights Management combined with our knowledge in developing solutions for M&E industry will help you protect your right and reduce the pilferage of the revenue.


Our expertise in providing IT solutions to retail industry enables us to guide you effectively to smoothly transform the business to extend your customer base.

Travel & Hospitality

A wide range of solutions, delivered to you to reduce operating costs and improve your sales while providing competitive service to your customers.

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