Manufacturing Industry

Nyolus is specialized in providing services in manufacturing industry verticals with its deep knowledge in application of engineering and IT solutions to improve the quality and reduce the cycle time in manufacturing. We understand the importance of Information technology for the manufacturing sector and its importance for a specific business needs. Our engineering solutions include industrial automation, manufacturing solutions and process automation. IT solutions include Manufacturing Automation, Engineering Solutions, Enterprise Resource Management, Supply Chain Management and Customer Relationship Management.

Our business and technical consultants who are specialized in manufacturing verticals and who have substantial experience in this area will work with you to understand and develop solutions while providing the best consultation that fits for your business.


Hi-Tech Products Manufacturing

Consumer Products / FMCG Manufacturing

Enterprise Products Manufacturing

Automotive Products Manufacturing

Nyolus IT Services and Nyolus Cloud™ Solutions

Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing

Cloud Computing

Engineering Solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning

Industrial Automation

IT Solutions

Manufacturing Process Solutions

Manufacturing Strategy

Supply Chain management

Testing & Quality Assurance