Testing & Quality Assurance

Testing is the part and parcel of our product lifecycle activities. Nyolus strongly believes that last minute fixes cause 100% failure of the product. Hence, Nyolus takes the product testing very seriously by conducting tests at each stage of the product development. Our experience in Testing and Qualification spans from providing basic functional testing to complete environmental qualification and evaluation of both hardware and software products. Testing and Evaluation team within the Quality and Reliability division is responsible for approving the software or hardware products/modules at each stage of the development cycle, often specified as test check-point. A product or a module cannot go to next stage unless approved by the Test and Evaluation team members. Testing involves verification and validation to ensure that the products build matches the specifications. In addition to our in-house testing, we hire third-party test facilities and test professional for special tests such as 10 Meter EMI/EMC test required for testing of hardware products.

We do rigorous testing on software products to ensure that the software failures are detected and corrected at early stages. The software testing often includes examination of code, execution of code in various environments and verification of the code under actual operating conditions with complete interface.


Testing and Qualification Procedure for Hardware Products

Initial bench test

Hot and cold with temperature cycling

Vibration test

Acoustic test


Final bench test

Life test on mechanical samples


Testing and Qualification Procedure for Software Products

Initial testing

Regression tests

Testing and bug fixing

System level simulation tests


Special Tests and Simulation Models

Virtualization testing

Cloud infrastructure models simulation tests

Cloud deployment models simulation tests

Cloud migration tests

Simulation models design and development

Automatic test equipments design and development


Product Certification

Product certification is done by the independent certification agencies certified by various software and networking equipment and other vendors like Symantec, Cisco, Microsoft, VMware and others.


Reliability Engineering Activities

In addition to test and evaluation and qualification of software and hardware products, the Nyolus Quality and Reliability group also works on Reliability engineering analysis for various products and systems, including reliability apportionment and prediction. Our Q and R group is well versed with reliability prediction software applications like Relax for Reliability Apportionment, Reliability Prediction, Failure Mode Effect and Criticality Analysis, Parts Stress Derating Analysis and Fault Tolerant Systems Analysis. Our FA group is familiar with Scanning Electron Microscope, X-ray Radiographs, Die-bond Analyzers and other Failure Analysis FA equipments.