Nyolus Lifecycle Management

Nyolus product lifecycle consists of product conceptualization, product and project definition, product execution and project completion. Nyolus also works with customers and the manufacturing house while the design and development is being carried out at Nyolus. A dedicated team of technical professionals who are well versed in the field of IT electronic systems research and development will work on all the aspects of the project such as scheduling, preparation of project report, architecture design, prototype development and manufacturing technology transfer.

Nyolus product lifecycle for New Products Architecture (NPA) through manufacturing release consists of the following:

Product Conceptualization

Product requirement Analysis

Product Concept Analysis

Initial Specifications development

Product Definition

Project Scheduling

Preliminary Architecture Document development

Resources allocation

Project Execution

Preliminary Design Review

Breadboard and initial models design and performance analysis

Architecture Requirements Document development

Product definition

Project scheduling

Deliverables review

Critical Design review

Lab Prototypes design, analysis and qualification

Manufacturing Requirements Document development

Project execution

Project management

Manufacturing prototype design, analysis and qualification

Manufacturing Release review

Manufacturing support (Proto build to Start of Ramp)

Project Completion

EOL meeting (where applicable)

Retrospective meeting to discuss lessons learned

Release of personnel to other projects

Major Areas of Product Lifecycle

Scheduling, product architecture, project execution, product engineering, testing, Quality Assurance & Reliability analysis, certification, manufacturing technology transfer, completion of the project.