Infraclone™ Cloud

Cloud computing is reaching new heights with continued acceptance by world community. However, cloud is still in early stages and hence research and development on cloud computing for providing efficient and quality services like SaaS, PaaS and IaaS at very competitive costs is moving at a much faster pace than any one anticipated a year ago. Major players like Amazon/AWS, Google, Salesforce, Microsoft, HP, IBM and others are investing enormous resources for developing efficient service models.  

What is Infraclone™ Cloud?

Nyolus stands out in the area of cloud research. Nyolus has invested its valuable resources in research and development of better cloud models to ensure the quality of service that is highly competitive. Further, Nyolus believes that the true capability of a cloud service model lies in efficiently managing the geographically distributed cloud centers from just one or two locations. With this idea in mind, and to ensure 9-9 level of service to global cloud customers, Nyolus is working on next generation cloud models. Infraclone™ Cloud (aka BMR Cloud™), a proprietary Nyolus Cloud Architecture, is one of the important concepts to realize the full potential of globalization. When implemented, Infraclone™ supports not only simple virtual cloud centers but also helps in effective remote management of global cloud centers at bare infrastructure level.

With the implementation of Infraclone™ Cloud model, companies can provide all service layers while efficiently managing the geographically distributed infrastructure from any part of the world. One such example is having the Bare Metal or simple Virtual Cloud infrastructures in USA, EMEA and APAJ while managing complete hardware and software components of the infrastructure just from one location in Asia.

Please contact us for details on how we can strategically support you in implementing the next generation BMR Cloud architecture.