Nyolus Cloud Platform & Architecture

While there are many ways to create a virtual cloud to provide service, the ultimate goal of Nyolus is to develop and implement effective solutions to achieve high quality service with better reliability. Hence, Nyolus heavily depends on CAD design suite and many proprietary and third-party software and simulation modules to create various cloud computing models and service layers at lightening speed. The software version of the initial mock-up cloud model and one or more service layers shall be developed and tested before actual implementation of the solutions. Customers will be provided with several viable options before finalizing a particular model and service layers for implementation at client’s site.

Nyolus Cloud™ solutions for both proprietary Metal Cloud and standard Virtual Cloud Architecture typically involve use of Nyolus proprietary solutions and integrating it with products and products from major vendors like IBM, MS, HP, Amazon/AWS, Salesforce/force, Oracle, EMC, VMware, Teradata, Reldata, Riverbed, NetApp, and many others. Nyolus proprietary methods and solutions are the results of our research and develop in-house to provide efficient solutions to our customers. One such proprietary solution is the Bare Metal RAS™ Cloud (aka BMR Cloud), a Metal Cloud Architecture(with provision for virtualization for Virtual Cloud as well), exclusively targeted for geo-deployment of virtual and metal cloud services for efficient control and management of geographically distributed cloud centers from one or more locations of your choice. BMR involves implementation of new methods and technologies to ensure very high uptime and uninterrupted service.