Enterprise Migration

Enterprise cloud migration is the process of moving from traditional computing environment to cloud computing environment. More and more companies and individuals are adapting to cloud computing environment, public cloud being the most popular choice of all models.

Nyolus develops a proper preparation and migration plan with several software simulation models and mockup tests that replicate the actual cloud infrastructure and service layers to ensure that the new cloud platform we create and deploy for you will work as planned and that the migration is seamless. In order to ensure this, our technical and business consultants will work on various aspects of the migration from conception to completion while also providing the solutions that are best suited for your particular business needs. While security and the disruption of service can be seen as critical factors during migration, Nyolus follows many methods to ensure that the security is not compromised and that the service is not disrupted during and after such migrations. Further, our solutions coupled with advanced technologies will meet the requirements and the quality of services for a better user experience with the cloud driven infrastructure.

We are specialized in following type of migrations:

Traditional platform to Private Cloud

Traditional Platform to Public Cloud

Private Cloud to Public Cloud

Hybrid Cloud to Public Cloud

Public Cloud to Virtual Private Cloud

Traditional Storage to Cloud Storage

Please contact us to discuss about how we can help you to migrate to cloud.