Nyolus Cloud™ Deployment Lifecycle

Nyolus Cloud™ Deployment Lifecycle by Nyolus typically consists of business case and feasibility analysis through migration, training and governance. Depending on the deployment model and the service layers implementation requirements, Nyolus uses proprietary solutions and integrates them with platforms and products from major vendors like IBM, Microsoft, HP, Oracle, Google, Amazon/AWS, Salesforce, VMware, Teradata, Symantec, StorSimple, Gladinet, and others.

We provide the detailed documentation on the cloud development and deployment strategy that includes business and technical analysis through, software modeling and simulation, mockup creation of cloud, testing and migration. We also provide the complete technical training and various governance options for the operation and management of the cloud platform that we create and deploy for you. While the creation and deployment of a specific model depends on many factors, following is typical Nyolus Cloud Development Lifecycle.


  Nyolus Cloud™ Development Lifecycle

Business Case & Technical Analysis

Benefits, ROI / TCO, Savings, etc

Applications and Infrastructure Requirements

Operational and Management Requirements

Platform Maintenance Requirements

Deployment Model, Service Layers and Providers Assessments

Private, Public, Hybrid or Virtual etc.

SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, StaaS, etc.

Application & Infrastructure Development

Custom Applications

Infrastructure Development

Virtualization, Rationalization, RAS, etc.


Infrastructure maintenance and service support (for Private Cloud)

Desktop Services and support