Nyolus Cloud™ Service Layers

While Cloud Models are categorized as Private, Public, Hybrid and Virtual models, each model is designed with one or more Service Layers, dictated by the type and the level of service that the customers like to have for thier business needs. Nyolus develops, implements and maintains one or more Cloud Service Layers given below:

Nyolus Application Services

Cloud application services, which is also called Software as a Service (SaaS), is provided by Nyolus for use by individuals or corporations where the provider installs, maintains and manages all  software applications, eliminating the need to install individual applications on customer computers.

Nyolus Infrastructure Services

Cloud infrastructure services, which is also called Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), delivered by Nyolus thus eliminating the need for individual corporations to invest on manage their own infrastructure, normally consisting of server, storage, networking and other equipments.

Nyolus Platform Services

Cloud Platform Services, which is also called Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a type of cloud service offered by Nyolus that provides a computing platform and infrastructure for customers (mostly developers) to develop their products and applications.

Nyolus Storage Services

Nyolus Cloud™ Storage Services, also called Storage as a Service (StaaS), delivers storage space for individuals and corporations, who are charged based on the data storage space and the traffic of the data.

Nyolus Cloud™ Testing Services

Cloud Testing as a Services, also called Testing as a Service (TaaS), is the environment offered by Nyolus that delivers a test environment for individuals, corporations and other development professional who develop and test their applications using various testing environments.