Nyolus Cloud™ Storage & Gateways

Nyolus Cloud™ storage or Storage as a Service (StaaS) is a service model offered by Nyolus where the users lease or rent the required storage space, similar to SaaS. Nyolus builds and maintains the infrastructure needed for such mass storage requirements. With continued increase in storing of large amount of data, many individuals and corporations are moving to Cloud Storage which helps them to concentrate on their core business activities.

Nyolus has deep knowledge in cloud storage architecture, development and deployment including seamless migration from traditional storage area networks to cloud storage. Also, to improve the access time and allow the storing of large amount of data which is otherwise not possible with conventional methods, Nyolus provides both file storage, as well as object oriented storage (OOS) technologies using popular Storage Gateways available from major vendors worldwide.

Nyolus Storage Products and Platforms

IBM, HP, Dell, EMC, Hitachi and NetApp

Storage Gateways

Nasuni, StorSimple, Citras, CTERA and Gladinet