Nyolus Cloud™ Deployment Models

Nyolus Cloud™ is deployed in many ways, depending on the size of the user and their requirements. The difference basically lies in the method of accessing the cloud service and networking of infrastructure by one or more cloud sites to provide quality service to our customers. Nyolus is familiar with creating and deploying the following primary cloud models:

Nyolus On-premise aka Private Cloud

Private Cloud or Internal Cloud is an environment exclusively for private use by a corporation or an organization that provides service only to their members. The infrastructure for such purposes is managed and operated by the private entity who owns it. Private clouds are normally owned by the entities to ensure the complete governance and control on privacy and security. The general characteristics of a private cloud are dedicated infrastructure and resources, custom policies, and complete control.

Nyolus Public Cloud

Public Cloud or External Cloud is the most popular cloud service that is openly accessible to the general public, corporations or organizations. Depending on the usage model, the third party provider dynamically allocates the resources opted by the users, while charging them based on the utility-billing model or pay-as-you-use basis. The general characteristics of a public cloud are ease of use, no capex, better quality service, shared resources, common policies and dynamic allocation of resources.

Nyolus Cloud™ for Hybrid environments

Hybrid Cloud is a model that is comprised of both private and public cloud computing environments. This environment helps corporations or other organizations to migrate to public cloud, considering the cost of maintaining a dedicated private cloud.

Nyolus Virtual Private Cloud

Virtual Private Cloud (aka Dedicated Cloud or Hosted Cloud) is a cloud environment that is hosted by public cloud service providers where the resources are dedicated solely for a corporation or other entity for their private use.